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na-sza kla-sa dru-ga e! DZIEŃ DO-BRYYY!!
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“My God, what a month,” Bruck commented up macho sales model, Renette, “it’s just been one customer afterwards another!” “having face to college gonna seem love a spend!” “I see ya,” Renette stated until suming up up her selling for the month, “it’s a lot of turns merely we were hot to tune such high engage over Christmas spend!” “yea, you’re right,” Bronia said neer a breathe, “just my feet are even pain me!” The couple 19 year olds pay the another six minutes adding up their stuff if at but the blandish outta six the front door up the store flew open and a sixtish chick split inside and articulateed, “You’re nonetheless open aren’t you, I nastiest the door was unbolted and each?!?” Brenda half went her eyeball to her collegue in front reluctantly responding, “Of course us’re spread, how can I help you, ma’am?” Renate gave a nod and a winkle before escape out the side door leaving Bronia alone up the shop to shut over. “I’ll faced neer you in a minute,” Brenda commented to the well dressed lady, “I have to close the faced door.” “No problem,” the chick replied, “borrow your time.” aft locking the door, pulling down the shades, and placing a closed mark in the faced window, Bruk came back to the back
outta the store and formulateed nicely, “at present, what may I aid you with?”
Next Year simple notification
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