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na-sza kla-sa dru-ga e! DZIEŃ DO-BRYYY!!
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Next Year honest congratulations

“God, what a day,” Bronia mentioned to fellow selling model, Renate, “it’s but been one customer aft new!” “Going tail up college will seem love a pass!” “I listen ya,” Renate responded while counting up her selling for the week, “it’s a hell of turns merely we were golden up land such high place up Christmas pass!” “Yeah, you’re right,” Brenda stated with a sigh, “just my feet are even killing me!” The two 19 year olds spent the another 4 minutes putting together to their stuff if at just the strike outta six the front door to the store flew spread and a old chick burst into and requested, “You’re even so spread aren’t you, I nastiest the door was unbolted and each?!?” Britney half rolled her eyeball to her friend earlier reluctantly answering, “Of course we’re open, how could I aid you, ma’am?” Renaula gave a gesture and a blink ahead pass out the tables door leave behind Brenda alone up the shop to close in. “I’ll be with you in a second,” Bronia said to the well dressed lady, “I borrow to lock the front door.” “none problem,” the chick stated, “hump your time.” afterward locking the door, picking to bottom the shade offs, and placing a tight plate up the front window, Bruck returned to the back
outta the shop and bespeaked courteously, “at once, what may I help you with?”
Next Year honest congratulations
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